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cheesecake, pin-ups and other bad axe creations

"Axebone" is my fictional alter ego... my creativity personified, so to speak.   A fantasy, pin-up illustrator that brings to life all of the wonderful characters that bang around inside my delirious little noggin. The work that I create in this guise has a whimsical, flirtacious style.  Both sexy... and fun... without taking itself too seriously!  Hopefully, it has also developed a distinctive look that anyone viewing will instantly recognize.  It's also the cover I operate under to keep my secret, true identity as a deadly Government agent.. well, secret.    No.... really!

Heya, kids!


Welcome to my little slice of cyber space!  You can find examples of my art in the gallery...get info on current projects and appearances...or drop me a line just to say "hey, axe!!"

Stop by often.

Latest News


Exciting news, everyone! Bad Axe Studios has announced the next sketch card set scheduled for release in early 2014..."HEAVENLY BODIES"   The spotlight will shine on sexy Space Girls and the highjinx they get tangled up in...!



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